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Teammates: England scrum-half Charlie Bracken

Teammates: England scrum-half Charlie Bracken

It was a memorable first start for Charlie Bracken in the Under-20 Six Nations Summer Series.

He was one of England’s key men in their remarkable 29-20 victory over fierce rivals France on Wednesday.

He may be one of the younger members of Alan Dickens’ side, aged just 18, but that has not stopped making him a big impact.

Having already scored for his country at under-18s level, he’s well on the road to becoming a senior international and following in the footsteps of his father and fellow No.9, Kyran.

In the third feature of our ‘teammates’ series, the Saracen reveals all we need to know about his England teammates.

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Who is the strongest teammate?

I’m actually not too sure. I think Toby Knight would be up there but that’s just because of what I’ve seen of him in the gym at Saracens, and then probably Ewan Richards. But I’m not sure who the absolute strongest is.

Who is the fastest teammate?

I think Conor Oresanya. He looks rapid on the pitch and he’s pretty rapid off it too. He’s got good competition with George Hendy as well though I think.

Who is the funniest teammate?

There’s a lot of jokers on the team. Fin Smith is quite a joker and Jed Walsh too. Fin makes a lot of good jokes, he’s a great lad and fun to train with.

Who is the hardest teammate?

Possibly Jevaughn Warren I reckon. He’s quite a big guy. He’s actually really soft in person and a really nice guy but I would not like to get in a fight with him.

Which teammate has the best skills?

From what I’ve seen so far, I think Fin’s kicking is very good. But I think all the boys’ skills are insane, when you’re playing at this level they have to be, so it’s hard to single out one person.

Best dressed teammate?

Probably Chandler Cunningham-South, I reckon. He’s got some good outfits. The shades make it too, he’s got quite a few and they look very good when he goes out. We wear rugby kit all the time so it’s nice when we do go out to see what everyone’s wearing.

Proudest National anthem singer?

Probably Emeka Ilione, he’s got a big voice and as captain he’s definitely leading from the front.

Who is the team DJ?

Tom Lockett, he’s usually on the speaker a lot of the time. There’s no particular genre, there’s a lot of classic party songs. We had some Adele in the ice bath after the France game, which was nice. There’s a big range but the old party hits are right up there.

Who is the best kicker?

Fin is up there but our other scrum-half, Tom Carr-Smith, is very good too. I’ll actually give that one to Tom because in the games before we came out here against Scotland he was doing some insane kicks, so probably him.