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Teammates: Scotland flanker Ollie Leatherbarrow

Teammates: Scotland flanker Ollie Leatherbarrow

Expect to hear more about Scotland’s Ollie Leatherbarrow in the near future.

The back-row forward made his debut at U20s level as an 18-year-old last year and scored two tries in Scotland’s Six Nations defeat to England in February.

That brace was a bright spot in an injury ravaged season, so he is looking to make up for lost time in the Under-20 Six Nations Summer Series.

In the second feature of our ‘teammates’ series, the Exeter Chiefs star spills the tea on all his Scotland teammates.

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Who is the strongest teammate?

Probably Paddy (Patrick) Harrison. He shifts a fair bit of tin in the gym, he’s got a nice big chest. He had a bit of a point to prove against Wales, I don’t think he liked being on the bench! In the backs it would be Ross McKnight, he can squat a fair amount.

Who is the fastest teammate?

Gabe Jones showed a bit of a turn of pace against Wales. I think Ross McKnight is also up there but he’s had a little niggle, so he hasn’t played yet.

Who is the funniest teammate?

Murray Redpath. I’ve been friends with Murray since we went to school together and he always makes me laugh no matter what mood I’m in.

Who is the hardest teammate?

Gregor Hiddleston. He loves getting after it in training. Not much puts him off flying into you, so it would probably be him.

Which teammate has the best skills?

Now we’re talking! We’ll go with Euan Cunningham. He can keep his hips square late and he can pull out a back ball pretty late and it’s quite hard to defend when he takes it that close to the line.

Best dressed teammate?

The thing is we all hang around in rugby kit so it’s hard to say! Maybe Ben Afshar, he likes his fashion, actually. He’s got a few nice pairs of trainers. We had a meet-up and all had to wear the same polo and he matched his socks and his shoes to the polo. Fair play to him for that with a limited amount of baggage, he’s done well.

Proudest national anthem singer?

I always stand next to Rhys Tait and he’s always got his hand on his heart, closed eyes, belting it out. Definitely the skipper.

Who is the team DJ?

It used to be Michael Gray but he’s not here this time. I think Rhys Tait gets on it a fair bit. Him or Ross McKnight. Although to be fair it’s mainly our strength and conditioning coach Phil, he’s mainly the one on tunes.

Who is the best kicker?

I’ve heard Ben Afshar can nudge from about 50 metres out. Some of his box kicks go a fair way in the air as well.